Council Has Mixed Success In Rates Collection

The Town Hall

The amount owed to our Council in unpaid business rates improved significantly last year, but the amount of Council tax owed went up.

In 2009/10, only 92.7% of business rates, the money paid by non-domestic properties for local services, was collected. That represents £98,000 in unpaid rates, the second lowest collection rate of any unitary authority in England.

Last year, that figure jumped to 98.5%, or £21,000 in outstanding debt.

However, the exemplary collection rate for Council tax in 2009/10, of 99.3% seems to have dropped off last year, with only 97.5% being collected, leaving an outstanding debt of £38,000.

We asked the Council to comment on the figures but they declined.

Overall, the Government estimates that around £3.2bn is owed to Councils across the country, dating back several years.