Lifeboat Opened To Public Tomorrow

Islanders and visitors will be able to board the St Mary’s lifeboat tomorrow to see how technology is used to assist the 21 lifeboat volunteers in their lifesaving work.

You’ll be able to talk to the crew of the Whiteheads about some of the rescues they’ve undertaken and take photos.

Lifeboat Launch Authority, Chris Thomas, says the RNLI feels it’s important that people understand how their donations to the charity make a difference.

Chris says in previous years, people have been amazed by how hi-tech the interior of the lifeboat actually is and are usually surprised by the small size of the vessel.

The boat will be alongside the quay from 10.45am until 5pm and there’ll be a chance to buy merchandise from the Ladies Lifeboat Guild stall on the quayside.

Chris says they also plan to take the boat to the off-islands on two occasions this summer.