Cruise Ships Already Booking For 2013 Season

St Mary’s harbourmaster Dale Clark says he is confident that Scilly will benefit further from cruise ship visits next year.

Forty vessels were booked to come to the islands this season but, because of bad weather, some have had to abandoned trips. Dale says twenty ships have already confirmed that they intend to include the islands on their 2013 itinerary including some new visitors, Equatorial and Astor, and the smaller boat Windsurf.

A new ship, the Albatross, will also visit – it’s not connected with the ship of the same name that has been to the islands previously.

Some of the larger vessels like Marco Polo have confirmed a return.

Dale says some people on the islands question the value of cruise ships visitors as many are in port for just four or five hours. But he says he’s convinced that it’s the best way to develop new interest in Scilly as the visits give passengers as taste of the islands and they’ll hopefully want to return.


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