New Scilly Farmers Group Forms Committee

Members of the new Farmers' and Growers' Group at the meeting

The group set up to provide a single voice for farmers and growers in Scilly has formed a committee.

The Isles of Scilly Farmers and Growers Initiative has appointed Ned Rogers, Ben Julian, Rob Hale, Sarah Bennett, Mervyn Bird and Ian Metcalfe to the steering body. There’ll also be a non-voting position for the Duchy Land Steward, Chris Gregory.

Paid staff will be working on the project with Jess Vian and Julia Wayne Smith running operations on a daily basis.

Ben says they hope to provide a discussion forum for the sector – members feel that has been lacking since the decline of the Trenoweth research station and the loss of NFU representation in Scilly.

Ben said mainland farmers can interact at markets but islanders don’t have such an opportunity and they need a reason to get together. They also plan to act as a buying group to get discounts on bulk purchases.

On Friday around fifty farmers toured Pellistry and Green Farms to view bulbs, beef herds and see the shelter belts.

Local Action Group Manager, Amanda Pender, addressed the meeting and told attendees that they can now apply for grants for agricultural schemes.

The steering committee will choose a Chair at their meeting next week.