Men Sail To Scilly On ‘Pasty Power’

Andrew Carr during preparations for the event

Two men have sailed a tiny catamaran from Cawsands in Cornwall to Scilly in memory of Islander, Lewis Hicks, who died earlier this year.

Andrew Carr and Tom Glover undertook the challenge to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation. Andrew, a close friend of Lewis, said the charity was close to both their hearts after a third friend was diagnosed with the disease while they were at college.

Andrew said they set off from Helford at 5am on Saturday morning in the Hobie F18 catamaran. But the 96-mile journey turned into a real ordeal as force 5 winds forced them to stop overnight in Helford. They couldn’t sit in the boat, which is essentially flat, just lie down or hang off a trapeze wire.

Andrew said they had to zig-zag into the wind, which was directly against them, and ended up sailing 60 miles, just to get 30 miles in the right direction.

He said it was exhausting and cold and Tom almost got hypothermia.

They set off again at midday on Sunday to avoid the incoming tide in the morning and hit 5m waves as they rounded the Lizard. Tom said the Hobie is a racing boat, and not really designed for long distance but he was impressed with how well it coped with the waves.

Then to add to their problems, the wind died as they passed Wolf Rock. After paddling the last mile into St Mary’s harbour, they finally arrived at 2am this morning.

They said it felt fantastic to arrive but Tom admitted their “legs were pretty wobbly” after so many hours in the boat. With tacking into the wind, they covered a total of 140 miles over 21 hours.

The journey was sponsored by a pasty company in Helston and Andrew said they were definitely ‘pasty powered.’ The men managed to get through 20 of them during the trip.

Andrew said Lewis was the third friend he’d lost recently and it had brought home to him how short life can be. He said he wanted to do something that celebrated life and hoped the challenge was a fitting tribute to his friend.

He says everyone has been incredibly generous and got behind them. He’s not sure how much has been raised so far but thinks it could reach as much as £6,000.

And the pair thanked everyone on the Islands for their generosity which Andrew described as “amazing and breathtaking.’

The Steamship Company gave them tickets to auction for the appeal and there’s also a ‘Pasty and a Pint’ night at the Scillonian Club this evening with pasties donated by Michelle Mapplethorpe.

Unfortunately, the two young men won’t be able to stay for that.

They have to get back to the mainland, and they’re doing it the hard way again – they’ll be sailing back in the catamaran to Penzance this morning.

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