AONB To Set Out Position On Wind Power

The Isles of Scilly AONB team is to produce a so-called ‘position paper’ on the use of wind power and other renewable energies on the islands.

AONB Manager, Trevor Kirk, said this followed consultation with the Isles of Scilly Renewable Energy Co-operative, ISREC, who earlier this year produced a feasibility document into the use of wind power on the islands. (

That report said wind energy consultants, Sykamore, had been highly positive about the potential for wind power here and the group has identified 20 potential sites across the islands.

An accompanying survey by ISREC suggested that 63% of those polled felt wind power was appropriate for use on the islands although they admitted there was a small, vocal minority opposed to such technologies.

Trevor says the document set to be produced by the AONB will allow them to understand the impact any wind turbine development would have on the historic landscape and environment in Scilly.

He said the whole of the islands are designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty and a conservation area, with a high concentration of sites of special scientific interest and scheduled monuments.

“We have a small landscape so even small developments can have big impact on the environment,“ said Trevor, adding that it’s harder to site turbines discreetly here compared to larger land areas on the mainland.

He said the AONB needs to look at the all the evidence regarding the impact on wildlife, such as birds and bats and then decide what position they will take.

And he said it’s important to get it right because the document would be used as a reference for the advice offered to the planning department in the event of an application, and part of the information that local members would take into account.

Any decision, he says, will be complex and challenging.

Trevor says the AONB is likely to start consulting on the position paper at the end of July, with a document ready in the autumn.


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