Mental Health Resources Offered To School

Children at the Five Islands School could soon get access to material to help them understand the prejudice associated with mental health.

Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Healthy Schools Cornwall have launched a new programme called ‘STOP Stigma’ to raise awareness of mental health and change attitudes.

STOP Stigma, which stands for Students Together Overcoming Prejudice and Stigma, will be providing our school with a free copy of the newly written educational resource.

Vicky Wood, Chair of CFT said, “Up to one in four people will experience some kind of mental health problem at some point in their lives but there is still a great deal of misunderstanding about mental health.”

Acting Headteacher, Liz Duffy-Griffiths, said the school works closely with School Nurse, Carol Green when finalising the curriculum programme for personal, social and health education (PSHE) and, should the school decide to use this resource, it will be used in these lessons.