Standards Down At Standards Committee

Council Chamber at the Old Wesleyan Chapel

It looks like standards could be slipping for our Council’s Standards Committee after an eagle-eyed Councillor has saved the Authority from holding what he claims was an illegal meeting.

Councillor Gordon Bilsborough said a meeting of that committee was postponed on Thursday 14th June because material required for the agenda had not been sent through by the Government.

It was rescheduled for the following Tuesday, but was not properly advertised on the Council’s noticeboard. Councils must give five days notice for committee meetings.

Gordon rang the Council’s Administration Officer, Sue Pritchard, on Monday to warn her that the meeting the following day was potentially illegal and the meeting was hastily rescheduled for the following Tuesday, this time with the correct notice posted.

Gordon says this is a procedure that any Council Officer should have known about and he says he’s, “extremely annoyed with the whole business.” Gordon added there was “no way” the meeting could go ahead.

We asked the Council to comment on what went wrong but they failed to get back to us. We’re checking the noticeboards to see if it’s gone to the wrong place.