Chair Of School Governors Resigns After One Week

Merryn Smith

Another Chairman of Governors has resigned. Merryn Smith was appointed to the post just over a week ago on the 12th of June. He’s also resigned from the governing body.

Merryn wouldn’t elaborate on the reason for his resignation but said it is connected to the current situation at the school and he says that there are several reasons for it.

The headteacher of the Five Islands School, Bryce Wilby, was suspended by the Governors after a meeting on May 19th. Although the Governors took the action, they claim they were not given details by the Council of what auditors allegedly uncovered.

The headteacher was still unaware of the reason for the suspension yesterday.

Merryn said that the situation was ‘very fluid’ and he confirmed that it was his decision alone.

He told ScillyToday his biggest regret was for the staff. He had hoped to develop a strong working relationship between the Council, staff and Governors over the coming months and years.

Parents have been reacting to the news. Sarah Moore says that, as a parent of a year 10 student, she finds the whole situation very worrying and she has asked for an honest and open explanation as to what is going on.

Richard Hobbs alleges that the situation is being managed in the style of the former East German secret police, the Stasi. And he asks what can possibly take longer than a month to investigate?

He says if he had been suspended in his work he would have expected a hearing within the week.


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