Coastwatch Group Looking For More Volunteers

Telegraph Tower, which will be used by Coastwatch

The future of the Coastwatch group will be decided on Thursday next week.

They hope to use a rota of volunteers to monitor the coast from the Telegraph Tower.

But, despite a good turnout of volunteers at the information evening at Tregarthen’s Hotel earlier this year, just eight members attended a training session in the use of charts with former Senior Coastguard, Denver Childs last week. They need around double that number to be effective.

Member Murray Hodgson says the big push now is for members because other aspects of the group are going well.

They’ve been offered radar equipment and permissions and paperwork are in place ready for operations to start.

Murray says the Duchy have agreed the use of the tower and the necessary insurance has been fixed. Murray says they’re also investigating a LAG grant to do some of the necessary building work.

But Murray says they need to double the numbers of members. He knows everyone is busy and it’s difficult to get the time commitment that this demands. He said they’re looking for people who can commit 3 hours per week.

He added it’s likely they’ll only run operations in the summer season and at the weekends.

At the formal group meeting at Tregarthen’s the vast majority of attendees were in their 50s and older. But Murray says they would like to recruit from younger age groups too.