Scilly Leading On Fire Checks

Scilly is ahead of the mainland in its frequency of fire safety checks.

In 2005, Government legislation made owners of accommodation responsible for assessing ways to reduce the risk of fire.

Councillor Richard McCarthy told Tuesday’s General Purposes meeting that the change had concerned him but he was pleased with how things had turned out. Speaking for the Senior Fire Officer, Howard Cole said some properties have received their third inspection now.

B and B’s with six to ten bedrooms will still be checked every 3 years or every 4 years if they are smaller. Self-catering units will be looked over on a 5 or 7 year cycle depending on their size.

That surprised Councillor Chris Thomas who thought they’d be more frequently assessed, as managers don’t live in.

The Co-op and offices will have inspections every 4 years. Pubs, the hospital, Mundesley House and Park House will be visited every 2 years.

Councillor Mike Nelhams thought it unusual that restaurants were only scheduled for a 5-year programme but Howard said that frequency was based on sleeping risk and you wouldn’t fall asleep at your restaurant.

Members backed the proposal to maintain the current programme. Reducing hotel visits from every 2 years to every 3 years would only save £750 but the perceived risk would rise by 36%.

Howard said this would allow flexibility to complaints and issues made by the public and fire fighters.

The programme costs around £3,000 a year and Councillor Richard McCarthy suggested that they could spend a bit more on the scheme.