Local Success In Tresco Triathlon

Graham Clegg crossing the finish line

A first-time entrant won yesterday’s triathlon.

And, as you may expect, Graham Clegg, who manages the island’s bike hire service did well on the riding section of the annual run, swim and cycle event.

He crossed the line in one hour, 12 min and 45 seconds. Graham said he’d been aiming for two hours and 10 minutes but he felt the swim was longer than he’d expected and he had to make up time on the course.

Organiser Pete Marshall was impressed and was pleased that the trophy will be staying on Tresco.

Second was Mark Worledge, the man who also gained Silver in 2011.

Mark was aiming for a first this year but said Graham was, “just too fast on the bike” although he managed to close the gap in the run. He said he’s had a break from training recently and that would have affected his form.

Mark finished in one hour 14 min and 16 seconds.

The fastest woman home was also a local. Ruth Nichols completed the triathlon in one hour 20 min and 1 second. Ruth only took up swimming recently and said she used to hate getting her hair wet. Now, Ruth says it’s her favourite part of the race.

Ruth says she’s “elated” after coming first, following a second place last year and a third place the year before. But she added, “I ain’t doing it again!”

Last year’s women’s winner, Helen Pearce, was second woman to finish yesterday in one hour 21 min and 42 seconds.

Helen said the event was fantastically organised but very hard work. She said the bike ride was incredibly tough and it really favoured the good cyclists.

There was a drama for islander Andy King who came third. His bike gears malfunctioned and he had to swap for a new one but he still made an impressive time of one hour 15 min and 22 seconds.

Andy King says the support of the crowd really makes a difference and the cheering from the crowd gave him a huge boost at the finish.

Pete Marshall said it was important for the crowd to stay to greet all the entrants as they crossed the line by the New Inn.

38 people took part in yesterday’s triathlon. That included seven entrants who decided to give it a go on spec, yesterday morning.

You can see more photos from the event in our galleries here.