Promotional Videos Commissioned For Islands

Tourist Information Centre in Hugh Town

Scilly will have a new marketing and promotional tool this summer.

A series of 60-second videos have been commissioned by Island Marketing.

Each will cost just over £1,000 and will showcase the best the islands have to offer.

The short films are being produced by a former Tresco resident, Callum Shone, through his Falmouth-based film production company.

Callum, who will be filming regularly on Scilly over the next couple of months with his business partner and cameraman, Simon Reid, says he hopes to provide an intimate and affectionate picture of Scilly based partly on his own experiences.

He hopes that his local knowledge will come through, drawing on his experiences exploring the islands.

Subjects covered in the twelve videos will include an overview of Scilly, individual videos on the five inhabited islands, films focusing on the islands’ history, its wildlife, food and eating out, the numerous activities on offer for both locals and visitors and the transport links.

Julian Pearce from the TIC says the short films will be designed for online promotion.

They’re just working on the final stages of their new website and he says the videos will fit well within those pages. And members of the new Tourism Partnership will also have access to that material for their own promotions.

Julian says the short films aim to address some of the key questions people ask when they contact the TIC.