Two Callouts For St Mary’s Lifeboat

RNLB The Whiteheads alongside the Nossi in Porthcressa Bay yesterday

The St Mary’s Lifeboat was launched twice yesterday.

At 4.25pm, RNLB The Whiteheads went to help a 15 metre yacht, Harmonii, after Falmouth Coastguard received a call for assistance.

The boat had lost all instruments during stormy conditions north of Round Island Lighthouse.

Two people were on board. Stuart Hitchens and his crew were alongside at 4.45pm and escorted the boat into New Grimsby where she picked up a mooring at 5.15pm.

The morning launch of the lifeboat was to assist French sailors who got into trouble in Porthcressa. The Nossi was in danger of running ashore in a big sea and an increasing southerly wind.

And it seemed like a case of déjà vu.

The same yacht was pulled to the safety of the St Mary’s Harbour just over a year ago in precisely the same predicament.

PC Mat Collier, who is fluent in French, stood on the shore translating messages for the crew who had only basic English skills.