New Incinerator Being Planned For Islands

The current incinerator at Moorwell

Progress is being made reducing the size of the Moorwell Alp and producing a future waste strategy for Scilly.

At last night’s General Purposes Council meeting, Chief Technical officer Neville Gardner outlined plans for a new incinerator.

Heat from a new, modern incinerator would be harnessed to produce electricity, which would be fed into the grid or used by the Council.

Councillor Chris Thomas asked whether the current burner would remain operational during construction to avoid a backlog. Neville said it would most likely be a new building.

Fred Ticehurst suggested there would need to be a deep and lengthy discussion about the location of any new incinerator.

Overall, Neville feels progress is being made at Moorwell although he said it would be ‘nicer’ if they could rapidly alter things.

Around 500 tons of scrap metal and inert material has been sent to the mainland and the Council’s consultants, SLR, are investigating more exporting and reprocessing options.

They have provided a plan for waste, which Defra appears happy with. It includes a new metals baler and a glass crusher that could grind old bottles to cement sand, which would reduce builders costs, although it wouldn’t make enough to supply everyone.

At the moment building sand is imported and Neville told members you can’t take it from beaches for environmental reasons.

In the autumn, the plan is to bring in processing and removal of waster from construction and demolition, green waste and soils. And that will enable partial redevelopment at Moorwell.

The money for the work is coming from Defra who awarded £4m for waste management between 2011 and 2015. If they are satisfied with progress it is hoped they will offer future funding.

£300,000 of the sum was allocated for this year. Members were asked to agree to bring forward £228,000 from next year’s allocation which would give the Council over half a million to spend before April 2013.

Chief Technical Officer Neville Gardner

Councilllors supported that but Richard McCarthy and Julia Day felt it was wrong to agree the cash reallocation before members heard the report on how it would be spent. Julia added that she is pleased that Defra are so accommodating and Fred Ticehurst felt the Council was lucky in the current economic climate.

Councillor McCarthy asked Neville whether it was true that that Defra’s Lord Taylor of Holbeach was set to visit the Council this week.

The Councillor had been told this by a boatman rather than through official channels.

Neville confirmed the visit and Richard asked whether he’d be taking the peer to see the Moorwell Alp. Neville said Lord Taylor would be visiting lots of places during his short trip and he had an interest in water supply. The Peer is also a flower farmer, members heard.

He’ll be here on Thursday and Friday but it’s unlikely the junior minister will have time to tour the dump. He’ll meet with Marian Bennett on Bryher and then Christine Saville on St Martin’s, accompanied by Philip Hygate and Neville Gardner.

Consultants SLR will be giving him a presentation.

Neville reminded members that they had been hired by the authority because “they spoke Defra.”

Richard asked whether SLR could outline the plan for 2013 onwards in the next meeting. Neville agreed it would be useful to have a presentation after the summer following their discussions with the Environment Agency and Defra.


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