Art Group Holding Annual Exhibition

You’ll have a chance to buy unique, one-off paintings of the islands’ views and landscapes today at the Annual Isles of Scilly Art Group Summer exhibition.

Each year, all artists share the same painting topic. This year the theme isn’t a subject but it’s the size. There’s a display of small painting and drawings.

Last year there were 15 members displaying their work but the numbers have fallen to 9 this time.

Organiser June Lethbridge says the attendance at their Tuesday afternoon sessions at the Masonic Hall fluctuate depending on how busy participants are, especially during the busy summer season. She says that’s a shame but she hopes today’s display will encourage new participants.

And the bad weather will have put some people from going out and about painting.

June says it’s likely that the group will relocate it’s Tuesday afternoon sessions from the Masonic Hall to the Church Pavilion for 2013. She says the group like the Masonic Hall but the light isn’t very good and they’d like to make the switch.

Painting from the show will be up for sale and it can be lucrative if there’s good attendance, but it tends to be a bit hit and miss, says June.

There’ll also be a fundraising cake sale for the air ambulance at the show.

It runs from 10am to 6pm today at the Masonic Hall on Church Street.