Council Releases New Guide On Permitted Development

The Council has released an updated version of it’s guidance to so-called ‘Permitted Development Rights.”

These are additions or changes that you can make to your property where planning permission is automatically granted.

Installation of solar panels, wind turbines and heat pumps can all be done without formal approval as long as they fall within certain rules, such as panels not projecting above the ridgeline of the house.

The guide also states that some outbuildings and porches can be built without going to the Council.

The booklet produced by the Council provides simple flow charts so householders can work out whether they fall within the rules, although there is a recommendation that people should also check with the Planning Department if they are in any doubt.

However, many projects that would normally fall within this designation on the mainland, such as some smaller home extensions and roof alterations are excluded in Scilly as we fall within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Even painting or applying cladding to the front of your house, putting in new windows or erecting a satellite dish will need to be done after approaching the Council.

The new guide can be found on the Council’s website.