School Travel Policy To Include Allowance For Taxis

The Five Islands School

The Council has updated it’s Home to School travel policy to include reimbursement for taxi fares.

The previous version put together in 2009 omitted support for private hire vehicles. It only showed a rate for parents using their own vehicle.

Children who are under 8 years and travelling more than 2 miles, or eight and over, who are travelling more than three miles will now be able to claim a 40% allowance towards taxi fares.

Children from low income families may also be eligible for support.

The new policy also defines how families with multiple residences can claim, as well as travel allowance rates for escorts.

Keith Grossett said, “It’s not until a policy has been tested that we see where the gaps are.”

St Agnes Councillor, Molly Peacock, said the new policy was much clearer.


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