Hotel Set To Help Water Charity

A Scilly hotel is encouraging diners to drink free tap water with meals and then make a donation to a water charity.

It may seem unusual for a business to turn down the potential income from bottled water but Joan Shiles of St Mary’s Hall Hotel says the hotel believes in social responsibility.

Joan says they’ll fill reusable bottles with Scilly tap water because that’s just as good as the imported bottled water.

Guests will then have the option to give a donation to WaterAid, a charity that helps people in communities with poor access to fresh water.

And also from this week, the hotel is extending its recycling service.

They are already collecting toner cartridges and old mobiles for the British Heart Foundation.

Now, Joan says they want redundant games consoles, which can be resold or stripped of vital parts, to raise cash for the RSPCA.

Joan says they wanted to help a diverse range of good causes and, at the same time, be able to reduce waste through recycling.

Joan says the agency that arranges the collections on behalf of the charities will monitor the amount of support from Scilly. They’ll be bar-coding the individual recycling bags, which will show how much has been raised for the charities.