Three Callouts For Lifeboat Over Weekend

There have been three calls outs over three consecutive days for the St Mary’s lifeboat crew.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, just after midnight, Falmouth Coastguard were told that the French vessel Petise had run aground on rocks in St Mary’s harbour.

Another yacht requested immediate assistance. RNLI crew used the boarding boat to help the yacht which was actually aground on the lifeboat slip.

The remaining crew was transferred from the harbour pontoon to the yacht.

On Monday, RNLB The Whiteheads, under the command of Stuart Hitchens was called to a stricken French yacht yesterday.

The lifeboat was launched at 9.25am following a request for assistance from the yacht Grynde de Sel with four people on board, situated to the west of Bryher amongst the Norrard Rocks.

The boat had rope from a fisherman’s pot wrapped around her prop.

The lifeboat arrived on the scene at 10.36am and towed the yacht back to St. Mary’s harbour.

And yesterday, Pete Hicks was coxswain of the lifeboat, which was launched just after 2.00pm to a drifting dinghy, 6 miles off Peninnis.

The 14ft dark green ‘shrimper’ had red sails and a 5hp outboard on the boat. The mooring strop was over the bow, paddles on the seats and waterproof gear on board.

The crew noticed a Carrick District Council register sticker on the boat but that was from 2005 and the Coastguard couldn’t trace it.

Then Chris Jenkins worked out it was one of Dan Bennett’s hire boats from Bryher.

Coastguard members searched St Martin’s and Bryher and found that people staying at the campsite had hired the boat and it had slipped free from moorings.

Scilly Lifeboat spokesman, Steve Watt, says no one was in immediate danger but the RNLI will attend incidents like this to make sure people are not at risk.