Strong Market For Quality Timeshares Says Tresco Estate

Sea Garden Cottages on the site of the former Island Hotel

Despite the downturn in the economy people are still buying timeshares on Tresco.

The word ‘timeshare’ often conjures up images of pushy salesmen and shoddily built properties on a Spanish Costa.

But Wayne Shaw, Manager of Tresco’s new Sea Garden Cottages, thinks that couldn’t be farther from the truth. He says demand for high-quality timeshares is stronger than ever.

Tresco has been offering timeshares for over 30 years.

67 out of a total of 95 holiday cottages on the Estate are now offered on this basis with prices ranging from £5,000 up to £125,000.

The island offers a mixture of properties ranging from traditional granite cottages to modern eco-friendly properties.

And those with deep pockets can expect the ultimate in luxury, with antique furniture, kitchens with the latest, high-spec appliances and original artwork chosen by Lucy Dorrien-Smith.

This, says Wayne, is “a million miles away” from the typical timeshare property image in the Mediterranean.

He added that Tresco doesn’t market their timeshares in the traditional way either. Many buyers are first-time visitors to Tresco or other islands in Scilly who fall in love with the place and decide to buy the property.

Some of the original Tresco timeshare owners are moving to the newer Sea Garden Cottages as well.

And he’s seeing a trend where multiple generations of families, who have been visiting the island for years, are purchasing extra timeshares at the same time of the year, so they can holiday as an extended family.

Wayne thinks people like timeshare as it gives them some stability.

They know which property they’ll be coming back to year after year and the prices are fixed at the start, rather than rising with inflation.