Frustration For Venus Watchers

The passage of Venus across the sun turned out to be a disappointment for a few die-hard St Mary’s residents on Wednesday morning.

Amateur astronomer, Steve Sims, launched an early morning trip to Pelistry to view the rare astronomical event aboard the community bus, with what he described as a ‘NASA-esque’ text to Tom Scott of “it’s a go.”

The bus set off from Hugh Town at 5.15am and Steve said he was amazed to pick up five passengers en route. Alongside Beth Hilton, Tom Scott and Tony Nightingale, who got on in town, the bus picked up Linda Wormes and Sue Williams.

Steve had everything ready for safe viewing of the sun, but ultimately the group were frustrated by the Scillonian weather. There was a glimmer of blue sky but no clear view of the sun.

The next chance to see the event will be in 2117.