Cycle Challenge For St Mary’s Paramedic

Wayne Davey

All this week he’s driving the Ambulance around St Mary’s, but in his spare time, Wayne Davey is taking to two wheels.

Since we last spoke with Wayne in the autumn, he’s been training for a huge cycle ride across the US.

Wayne, and two friends, will fly to San Diego in September and ride across the country to New York.

They hope to complete the 3,100-mile ride in just 17 days and the gruelling challenge will include 19,000 feet of climb as the three riders scale the Rockies.

The rest of the journey should be fairly flat, but Wayne thinks this could be harder as they’ll be sat in the same position for mile after mile, up to 10 hours a day.

He says they’ve thought about every possibility including being chased by bears!

The men are raising cash for local charities including the Little Harbour Children’s Hospice in St Austell and the Cornwall Air Ambulance.

They’re aiming to raise £20,000 and have already brought in £11,500.

From Radio Scilly

Wayne talks about his epic challenge on Radio Scilly

Wayne says he’s been working hard to prepare for the cycling challenge over the last six months. The group will need to cover up to 170 miles a day and they’re planning a trip to London and back from Penzance over four days to test their stamina.

He’s been training on the road as well as a gym bike in his lounge for up to five hours a day, which he says means he’s not been popular with his wife!

Wayne says the training is all about trying to become as efficient as possible using the gears and peddles, but says his body build doesn’t lend itself to cycling. He’s aiming to lose some body weight before the actual event.

The men have had a lot of support including getting a T-shirt signed by David Beckham and there has been media interest from the US too. A Seattle-based journalist has produced a YouTube video of the group in training at Culdrose.

You can follow the men at or on Facebook.