Islanders Take Part In Race For Life

The runners in this year's Race For Life, (left to right) Dee Williams, Becca Campion, Tamzine MacDonald, Katie Steggles and Ruth Nichols

Five women from the Isles of Scilly travelled to Penzance on Wednesday afternoon to take part in the Penzance Race For Life.

The 5km running, jogging or walking race set off from the Wharfside car park at 7.30pm with all money going to Cancer Research UK.

Earlier, the  group held a collection from  passengers departing the Scillonian III at Penzance.

Of the Scillonian ladies, Ruth Nicholls came in first at 21min, followed by Dee Williams at 25min.

Becca Campion finished the race in 29 min, Tamzine MacDonald in 38 min and Katie Steggles in 39 min.

Barclays Bank has offered to double all money raised by Becca.