MP Wants Clarification Over Head Teacher

Andrew George, MP

Scilly’s MP has written to the Town Hall to clarify the Council’s involvement in the suspension of the head teacher.

Andrew George said he has requested more information after he read a short press statement, which had been issued by the Council.

He wants to know why the Governors aren’t putting out their own media releases.

And the MP has also written to find out what role, if any, the local authority played in the decision because he says there is concern about that.

Andrew says that a number of constituents are asking whether it really was the governors that made the decision. He has requested the information for reasons of transparency and says that there is so little information it is hard to make any judgement.

Andrew says he has also written to the Diocese.

Later yesterday afternoon, the Council Chairman issued a further press release.

Mike Hicks said: “The Members and Chief Officers of the Council of the Isles of Scilly fully understand the concerns raised by the community, particularly the parents, staff and children of the Five Islands School.

“Some members of the community have sought answers to certain questions surrounding the suspension of the Head Teacher in connection with a public meeting arranged for 31 May 2012. Given the very sensitive nature of the audit investigation currently being undertaken, and in order to act with humanity towards the Head Teacher, it would be wholly inappropriate for the Council to comment further.

Head teacher, Bryce Wilby was suspended on 20th May

“The suspension of the Head Teacher is a matter for the School Governors. The Council continues to seek to work with the Governors and to offer appropriate support in any way possible. In matters such as this it is crucial to adhere closely to a proper legal process. Therefore, no further comment can be offered until the investigation… has been completed.

“Suspension of a member of staff is a neutral act. It simply allows an investigation to proceed. Until the investigation is complete there is nothing further to be said. The Council acknowledges the serious concerns raised about the management of the school over many months by a majority of school staff separately from events surrounding this suspension. It is concerned to ensure the well being of the staff, as well as the Head Teacher and the children attending the Five Islands School. The Council takes these matters very seriously and is currently working with the Governors to resolve these issues as a matter of urgency.”

It’s not been possible to get anyone to go on record about the level of staff unhappiness but sources claim a petition, reportedly signed by around 75% of staff, has been circulated and discussed by the governors.


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