Dramatic Fire Brigade Exercise Takes Place

People passing Porthcressa last Tuesday might have been surprised to see a dramatic Fire Brigade rescue in progress.

A red car had apparently crashed into a pit where the former toilet block stood.

But the rescue was actually an elaborate training exercise. Kier’s Porthcressa project manager, Bryan Trethewey, offered the site to the Isles of Scilly Fire Brigade for the evening.

They arrived last Tuesday, after the site had closed for the day, and reconstructed a car crash – dropping a vehicle into a pit and then staging a full-scale rescue that involved cutting through the roof to pull out the trapped driver.

Declan Ridsdale, the fire officer in charge of the exercise, thanked Kier for allowing them to use the site.

He said he was pleased to be able to set up a training exercise that could replicate a real-life situation. Rather than cutting into the car in an open drill yard the crew had to cope with the restrictions of a building site, which made it much more of a challenge for them.


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