Residents Unhappy With Council Call Public Meeting

The Town Hall

A public meeting called by residents who are unhappy with the Council is being held tomorrow.

The locals have arranged the public forum to air their concerns over governance. They want to share suggestions on what can be done to improve matters.

In a statement the un-named group say they’ll aim to increase transparency, accountability, honesty, integrity and decency within the community.

Dr Adrian Davis will chair tomorrow night’s discussions and he says the suspension of school headteacher Bryce Wilby has brought things to a head.

Adrian believes that the Council and governors have not acted in a ‘humane and decent’ way because they haven’t informed Bryce about the reason for his suspension.

A press statement referring to deep concern over the events at the school has been released by Adrian and Margaret Davis, Louise Graham, Patrick Brown and Lisa Magill.

Adrian says feelings of “angst and unhappiness” have also prompted some of that group and additional residents to email all Councillors.

ScillyToday has seen the letter, which asks the identity of the person who called the governors meeting, which led to the head teacher’s suspension.

They also want to know who set the agenda.

Adrian wants tomorrow’s discussion to find a “constructive and non-destructive” way forward and he said it wouldn’t degenerate into name-calling.

There’s no pre-determined outcome of the meeting. Adrian says the attendees will decide that.

The meeting will be at the Town Hall, at 7.30pm.

Council Chairman, Mike Hicks, is aware of the meeting and said he hopes that Councillors will boycott the session, although he admits that he is “not their guardian.”

He doesn’t expect Council officers to attend because of the “delicate situation” which he doesn’t want played out in the media.

Scilly’s MP, Andrew George says he is aware of the meeting but is unable to attend. He has confirmed that he has had correspondence from islanders over the head teacher’s suspension and other matters relating to how the Council operates.


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