St Martin’s Community Centre To Be Bigger Than Planned

The proposed St Martin’s Community Centre will be larger than expected after planners approved an amendment to the planning consent.

The applicant, Keith Bradford, said the original design by the Duchy of Cornwall Architect was for a rectangular building, 24m x 16m with a total floorspace of 384sqm.

But after realising building costs would be more than they could afford, the architect reduced the internal floor area by 64sqm by removing sections from the North East and North West corners of the building. This reduced the size of the gym and the storage areas.

However, the community group have now received an offer of extra grant funding and say they would like to go back to the original, larger design.

As the original footprint and roof was not changed, they say the revision should be a fairly simple process and cost-effective.

They’ve consulted with the Duchy of Cornwall who say they are pleased with the amendments.

Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, said he considered the changes to be minor and would improve the facilities with no effect on the surrounding environment.

Planners approved the amendments unanimously.