Islands’ Man Standing For Co-op Committee

Co-Op's St Mary's store

An Isles of Scilly man is standing for election to the Co-operative Group’s Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Area Committee this summer.

Alan Davis told us that his nomination has been accepted, but said that he couldn’t speak any further as candidates cannot canvas for votes.

This was confirmed by spokesperson, Deborah Clark, who told us candidates are prohibited from soliciting votes, whether in person or by any other means, including conducting media interviews

She says this exists “to ensure that candidates are elected on a level playing field based on meritocracy.”

Alan has been an outspoken critic of the way the local Co-op store on St Mary’s is run.

He’s demanded a refurbishment of the store and thinks the prices could be lower in Scilly.

And he believes we should be paying the same price as Penzance, with the additional cost of freight on top. At the moment, the St Mary’s Coop is classed as a corner shop so prices are much higher than would be expected for a store with similar turnover on the mainland.

Alan also wants more local decisions made about what is stocked rather than centralised ordering by the Manchester HQ.

Scilly lost its previous local candidate, Sue Williams, following elections last year. At that time, Alan said it was unlikely that the islands will ever be able to elect a representative again because of the way the seats are divided.

The Co-op told us that there are 10 candidates standing for the four seats available on the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Area Committee.

Ballot papers and candidates’ biographical statements will be sent out to members in July and voting will close on 3rd August.