Warm Weather Increases Ambulance Call Outs

The South West Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust says that the warm weather has increased their callout rate, especially for people with respiratory conditions.

Their Control Room in Exeter and Dorset are handling over 1200 calls every 24 hours.

And they’re asking you to consider whether you need to call 999 if it’s not a real emergency like a stroke, heart attack, severe bleeding or choking.

Scilly’s Ambulance boss, Tony Smith, says the number of calls originating from the islands has increased but it’s mainly because we’re in the holiday season and many of our visitors are elderly.

He says visitors can panic when something isn’t right whilst they are on holiday, as they are unsure of the local facilities and dial 999.

If they were home, they would simply make their own way to A&E.

Planned training courses have been postponed to allow extra staff to work on the load on the mainland and increase the resilience.