Scilly’s Guides Are Cornwall Cooking Champions

The guides with their cooking award. Photo courtesy of Lesley Thomas.

Six members of the Guides’ Starfish Patrol cooked a two-course Oriental meal, using basic ingredients, over a wood campfire on Saturday.

They were expected to light their fire using less than two matches, and did it with just one match.

The girls, Katherine Pritchard, Erin Marcus-Playle, Tianna Rose, Tara Hitchens, Amy Bagnall and Estelle Acharya, were accompanied by Jenny Bagnall.

They held on to the title taken by their colleagues in Scilly’s Dolphin Patrol last year with a menu consisting of vegetable stir-fry noodles and sesame toasts followed by Satsuma chocolate fortune cakes.

And they achieved success despite arriving an hour and a half after all the other ten patrols from Cornwall, and had to leave half an hour before the event finished,

Guider Lesley Thomas says she was grateful to the Council’s Children’s Services department for their help and support with funds for the plane fares, without which they could not have retained the Championship title for Scilly.