Notice Board Headache For Planners

LINk want to put a notice board to the right of the brown pipe on Parade House

A notice board and an old brown pipe created a headache for Councillors at Tuesday’s planning meeting.

At last month’s meeting, the islands’ health watchdog, Link4Scilly, was granted permission to put up a notice board in the town centre, on the side of Parade House.

But Councillors wanted it to be placed in a different position in case someone gets run over trying to read it.

Planning Officer Craig Dryden wanted it moved to the left as he’s worried that people could congregate near to passing traffic to read notices.

However, there’s an old brown pipe fixed to the wall which means the board would have to be moved significantly further into the alleyway, and that was unacceptable to the applicants.

They want it to stay in the place they originally requested.

Amanda Martin said that the pipe was “barely holding up on the wall” and suggested that, if it’s not needed, they could remove it. That would mean the notice board could be moved slightly to the left.

Craig Dryden said he wasn’t sure what that pipe was for. He said it’s not a drainpipe and the Chief Technical Officer thinks it’s might be a ventilation pipe.

Chris Savill asked if the Housing Officer would know, as he’s responsible for the property.

Roy Duncan, tongue-in-cheek, said it was obvious that the role of the pipe was to hold the small sign for Rat Bags that’s been hanging on it for years.

But Craig added that LINk are not happy even with a slight move to the left.

Chris said it was “up to the planning committee” to decide and not for the applicant to refuse a compromise. She couldn’t see a problem with moving the board but added it’s not worth the “time and effort” of an appeal.

Dudley Mumford said it would be difficult to defend on appeal and if the Council lost it would be “slightly embarrassing.”

He said he looked at the proposed site and it wasn’t dangerous or in the way of pedestrians. He felt they should support the original proposal.

Councillors eventually voted on whether to accept the original siting and that resulted in a tie, with 6 votes each way.

New Chairman, Gaz O’Neil eventually used his casting vote to grant planning in the original location.

But Amanda asked that they still look into removing the unsightly ironware.

Gaz commented that, “he was sure they hadn’t heard the last of that brown pipe.”