Golf Club Revises Location Of Planned Machine Store

St Mary's Golf Club

St Mary’s Golf Club has been granted permission to move the location of its proposed new shed and machinery store closer to the clubhouse.

Planning was originally granted in January for a large, 18 metre by 6 metre, pine-clad building.

But at the time, the Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, commented that he felt it would be better to erect the structure close to the existing club buildings rather than in an isolated position, close to the 18th tee.

An amended planning application has since been submitted by the club, which places the shed closer to the clubhouse.

Although Craig said the building was in a more open and visible position, he felt having a cluster of buildings in one place was better.

However, he said there was some ambiguity in the plans over the height of the eaves of building, with up to 2.8m in some parts. Craig wanted that restricted to 2.6m because of the prominence of the location.

And while the 21-day period for lodging objections had not yet expired, he said he had received none so far.

John Goddard thought the new plans showed a considerably larger building, and one that was more prominent than the one envisaged in original planning application. He said he would have liked to see the original plans for reference.

And John said he hoped conditions regarding landscaping would be followed up.

The revised plans were passed.