Divers At Work In Porthcressa Bay

The survey vessel at work in Porthcressa bay

A team of divers was in operation in Porthcressa Bay yesterday.

The five divers and two support crew are being employed by Western Power to survey the location of undersea electricity cables and perform routine maintenance.

Matt Parrott, Project Engineer from Cornish company, Falmouth Divers, says they’re working on the two cables, one to the mainland, and one to St Agnes, which lie on the seabed at Porthcressa.

He said the work was likely to take only a day or two.

Rob Hughes from Western Power on St Mary’s confirmed that the work is routine and not related to recent issues over the location of cables encountered by contractors on the Porthcressa project.

A CAT scan uncovered a live, high-voltage cable around 5 metres away from its mapped position.