Council And Emergency Services Review Crisis Plans

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Netherton

The Council joined forces with the emergency services yesterday to test a combined response to a full–scale emergency on Scilly.

And they chose an extreme event. Officers had to devise a plan for reacting to flooding following a tsunami hitting the islands.

The exercise, part of the ‘Resilience Forum,’ is designed to simulate an appropriate response to a weather, maritime or aviation disaster.

Paul Netherton, the Assistant Chief Constable, came to St Mary’s to oversee the Devon and Cornwall Police input.

Paul says it’s important to work on a to-do list that can be followed in a crisis, including making sure there’s food, water and shelter for people.

He says a tsunami may be an extreme example but it tests all the major aspects of an emergency response. And the exercise revealed there was some information that needs to be updated.

Paul said the maps still refer to the old school at Carn Thomas rather than the new one.

The Police would take a leading role coordinating activities of all other emergency services in the first stages of any real-life crisis. But there’s also a need to understand how the community would return back to normal in the long-term, over days and weeks.

That long-term role would gradually be handed over to the Council.


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