Former Chaplain Returns To St Agnes For Wedding

St Agnes Church

A former Chaplain to the islands returned to Scilly this weekend to marry a St Agnes couple.

Reverend Julian Ould left St Mary’s for Totnes six years ago. He says he’s delighted to have been asked to conduct the service for the newlyweds, Polly and Olly Hayes.

Julian knows Polly’s family.

Julian was last here two years ago to marry Claire and Lee Sandford. He says he misses people here but he can always return to visit.

The church service on Saturday had an additional guest in the packed St Agnes Church.

A songthrush entered through the door just before the vows and was caught and taken outside by Joffe Hicks.

Julian said the same thing happened, and possibly involving the same bird, during the wedding rehearsal. That time the father of the bride removed it.