Coast Programme Gives Boost To Tourist Enquiries

There was a surge in hits to the Tourist Information Centre’s website on Sunday evening following the appearance of Scilly on BBC2’s Coast programme.

Sophie Hughes from the TIC said the feature “mixed great aerial imagery with real experiences, definitely tapping into our target markets of adventurers, gardeners and historians.”

She thought the coverage of the inter-island walk was good, especially the way they used modern technology give an impressionist view of the submerged field boundaries in Tresco Channel and she said it was “a great advert for the thinking man or woman. “

And the footage appears to have had a positive impact with a large increase in web enquiries as well as emails and phone calls specifically mentioning the episode.

The website received 3,900 hits as opposed to 1,200 the previous Sunday, which is the highest spike they’ve ever had, beating even the 3,500 hits seen during the Queen’s visits to the Islands last year.

Between 8pm and 9pm on Sundays is the most popular time of the week for people to access the website, said Sophie, and this coincided with the broadcast of Coast.

She suggested that local businesses who use social networking sites could make sure they have material online ready for this time of the week, as it’s likely to have the most impact then.

Sophie added that many more people are using electronic media, such as the web and email, to find out about the islands than phone calls these days.