Pile Driving To Begin At Porthcressa

Pile driving to take place on old library site

The Council Officer in charge of the Porthcressa regeneration project says piling work shouldn’t affect the majority of householders in the area.

54 piles will be driven into the ground around the former Buzza Street library over ten days, starting tomorrow.

Diana Mompoloki says advisors have recommended the work be done to support the three new flats being built above the work units.

Everything possible is being done to reduce noise and the contractors will use a small, ‘kitten’ rig, designed to bore a hole down to 3 metres and then pile to the bedrock at 10 metres.

Diana says there may be some disturbance but she hopes residents will appreciate that the work will provide homes for locals.

She says there will be some vibration and that will be monitored at all times as the contractors won’t want to cause damage to surrounding properties. She says they’ve done external surveys of all the surrounding buildings and taken videos so they can detect any problems.

Diana says there may be some noise caused by the work but she hopes locals will be understanding because it’s being done to build accommodation for locals.

Diana says funding for the flats only came through in February and that meant they had to alter the plans. Originally the structural engineers had planned to build the properties on a concrete raft but changed that to pilings to give better structural security.

The piling work shouldn’t have any impact on the structure of most of the properties in the area and they’ve put party wall agreements in place with the two adjacent buildings.