One-Act Play Festival Reaches Climax

Scilly’s First One-Act Play Festival reached its climax on Friday evening with the script by Mary Dean emerging as the winner.

Mary’s play, On the Rooftop, beat off stiff competition from Happy Christmas, by Maggie Perkovic, Waiting for Claudette, by Steve Sims and I Maid it Through the Night, by students from the Five Islands School.

Mary told us she was “absolutely thrilled” to have won. She said she had never written a play before so was delighted to have taken the top spot.

Mary says the idea for her play, about a group of people on a rooftop contemplating suicide, came to her while sunbathing in the garden and was inspired by a book she read some years ago. But she says she can’t take credit for the ending, which was suggested by her son.

Mary says it helped that she had such a fantastic cast for the play.

Theatre Club Chairman, Tom Scott, says the voting took some organisation and there were fears that, with a large number of family members for the children in the audience, the vote could be skewed.

In the end, they gave each attendee a ticket to put in a box marked with the play’s name. The play with the most tickets got 12 points, the second got 10 points, the third 6 and the fourth 2.

Judge, Paul Dodgson, also got the same number of points to award to each play, and Tom says Mary’s script emerged the clear winner with 24 points.

Tom says he was surprised by the number of plays, six in total, that were submitted this year, which he thinks is impressive for such a small population.

And Friday’s final proved popular, with around 100 people attending, around a third of them visitors.

Tom says he felt the Festival went “very well.” He hopes they can run it again and says there isn’t much they’d change about the format.

He says there were people who came along to the performances who probably think they could give it a go next year and he’ll be discussing this with the Theatre Club members in the next few weeks.