Scheme To Support Out-Of-Work Proposed By Council

The Town Hall

The Council is to introduce a scheme to support out-of-workpeople in Scilly.

Joel Williams, Children’s Centre and Extended Services Manager, said this was needed because, while various parts of the Council already provide information on training, employment and financial hardship, that was not “fully integrated” and some departments may not be aware of what others were able to offer.

His department had an interest in this area, he said, because there was a link between unemployment and child poverty.

The programme, called Scilly Works, will be based on a similar scheme in Cornwall.

Joel said the idea is to create more “collaborative working arrangements” with local and mainland partners, such as Job Centre Plus and Citizens’ Advice.

However, Joel admitted that, “unemployment isn’t a massive issue on the islands at the moment, in fact there is under-employment.”

Joel said they intend to apply for £10,000 to fund the initial work.

Data from the Office for National Statistics in April this year show that Scilly had a total of 13 unemployment benefit claimants, representing 1.1% of the working population.

This compares with 4.8% nationally.