New GP Starts At Health Centre

The Isles of Scilly Health Centre has a new doctor.

Dr John Garman started work here three weeks ago after moving over to the islands with his wife, three children and two dogs.

He is replacing Dr Schwarz who is moving to a new job on the mainland.

John has worked for the last nine years in the Helston Medical Centre, which has been running our GP surgery since last August.

John says the 25 miles of water between the mainland and us seems to make a huge difference to medical practice.

He says everyone here multitasks much more than on the mainland, something he described as “very refreshing,” but added that he’s “still getting his head around how everything works here” particularly the transport issues.

And he says it’s also obvious that people don’t have access to the same range of services as on the mainland, which can be frustrating.

However, he said that while Scilly and Helston are very different, there are also many similarities, particularly the rural communities that they both serve.

John’s background is in hospital medicine in the elderly, particularly in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, and he was lead GP at Helston Community Hospital. He’s hoping to bring those skills to the islands.

He is also a GP trainer and is looking forward to trainee GP’s coming over, something he said is very good for the Health Centre.

John has been to Scilly with his family previously on holiday and has played cricket on tour here several times.

He said jumped at the chance to move here when the opportunity came up.