Police 101 Phone Number Causing Confusion

Scilly’s Police Sergeant has put out an appeal for islanders to check they are dialling correctly when they call the new national, non-emergency number.

Devon and Cornwall Police introduced the 101 number in September. But Sergeant Colin Taylor says people have assumed the number is Scillonian 101 and have been putting 422 or 423 in front.

And even though a couple, who live on Hugh Street and who have been getting the misdialled calls, point out that they are not the Police, some callers ignore that and try to carry on with their police matters.

Colin says he’s disappointed that some of the callers don’t go on to call the right number when they are corrected.

St Mary’s police station is the only one in the force that retains it’s direct dial number, but Colin advises using 101 or 999 in emergencies.

Someone will always answer those calls whereas the Garrison Lane number is only answered when officers are in.