Collapsed School Amphitheatre To Be Fixed By June

Subsidence under the amphitheatre

The remaining problems with the Five Islands School build are just snagging issues, Councillors have been told.

Council Chief Executive Philip Hygate told Members that says most of the remaining work was related to “fine detail finish” and falls within what is expected by the Royal Association of Architecture.

But Philip added that one floor in the science classroom will need to be re-laid in the holidays. The contractors will pay for that work, and reconstruction of the amphitheatre.

Engineers are currently trying to find the best way to fix that walled area at the School entrance. Meetings have been held with the builders on site after the tiered amphitheatre collapsed for a second time, following the storm on April 30th. Philip said it was a  “disappointment” and discussions with the contractors have been “full and frank.”

Philip says the Council has paid out over £16m for the work but they have held back some of the building money and it won’t all be paid until they are happy with the job.

A firm of structural engineers, Jubb has now been appointed by Kier to solve the amphitheatre problem. They’ve suggested a wider base to the wall and the reduction of the dry stone on the facing side.

The footpath has been rerouted away from the wall, which was has been partially demolished, and the area has been fenced it off.

The plan is to finish the amphitheatre in June.

Construction company Kier had asked for extra time on the scheme and Gordon Bilsborough was worried that would have a knock on effect on the Porthcressa work.

Mr Hygate said that it would not delay other works as the work extension was related to paperwork and settling claims.

Philip told Councillors he’d been stopped in the street by locals who wanted to compliment him on the sports hall.

He said that some people had remarked how deceptively large it was inside, adding that he thought the sports hall and school were two very fine assets for the community.


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