St Agnes Resident Makes £8,000 Opening Garden For Charity

One of St Agnes’s oldest citizens, Dorothy Barker, has collected £8,000 for local charities just by opening her garden gate for the past eight years.

Dorothy, 84 in a fortnight’s time, started opening the five-barred gate just across from her Grinlinton Farmhouse home back in 2003.

Then, together with her late husband Maurice, Dorothy conceived the idea of suggesting visitors rest a while after walking from the Turk’s Head and enjoy the view south over Wingletang and the Cove from their garden.

Two bench seats are currently set up on a stretch of lawn planted with agapanthus just inside the gate and on either side of the seats are collecting boxes for the Air Ambulance and the Medical Launch Trust.

A laminated note fixed to the gate alerts passers-by to the fact that between 2003 and 2011 a total of £7,782 was donated by people taking in the beautiful seascape: £5,324 to the Air Ambulance; £2,458 to the Medical Launch Trust.

Touchingly one of the two seats is dedicated to Maurice and carries the inscription ”Look out to sea. Enjoy the view and think of me.”

There is a further note attached to the gate thanking people for their financial support.