Scilly To Have Own Olympic Torch Relay

Lewis Johnson

Scilly will have its own Olympic torch relay on Friday.

Last year a campaign by Island Tourism to get our islands included in the 70-day round-Britain relay failed.

But two islanders, Lesley Thomas and Duncan Graham, will represent the islands this weekend in the West Cornwall leg of the relay.

Five Islands School Football Club and Judo Club members want to mark Duncan’s involvement as football club Chair. They’ll be lining the streets from the school to the airport as Lewis Johnson carries a torch to Duncan, who is catching his Skybus flight to the mainland.

Helen says the torch will be taken around the School before it heads out through Old Town. And it means the torch will start from Scilly, “which is where it should have been” she says.

The torch relay will start at 8.30am on Friday, just as the children are arriving for the school day.