Recycling Feasible Says Local Hotel

St Mary's Hall Hotel

A St Mary’s businessman says he’s taking positive action to try and reduce the height of the islands’ Moorwell Alp rubbish dump by exporting waste to Cornwall for recycling.

Clifford Freeman says he’s been told that sending rubbish to the mainland isn’t viable but he’s determined to prove that it can be done.

He’s investing around £5,000 in a bailer to bundle plastics and cardboard, which will be sent to Cornish recycling facilities.

Clifford says the sale of the plastic will cover costs and he’s entered into a partnership with the IoS Steamship Company who have negotiated a green tariff for the transfer of waste.

At the moment, rubbish from the Scillonian is left on St Mary’s but, as part of the deal, he says the company will send their recyclables to the Hotel for sorting and bailing before they are shipped to Cornwall.

And Clifford says he’s going to ask the self-catering accommodation owners whom he represents through Island Properties if they want to be part of the recycling scheme.

Owner Clifford Freeman

He says guests often separate their waste because they are used to doing that at home on the mainland. And while the hotel staff will continue to take glass down to the Council-operated bottle bank, Clifford says there are still some items that can’t be recycled, such as plastics or film that have been in contact with raw meat and polystyrene.

The hotel’s food waste will soon be managed with a set of 7 wormeries, one for each day of the week. They’ll break down leftovers into a rich slurry that he says is full of nutrients and could be used by local produce growers.


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