Local Baker Supports National Doughnut Week

Alex Plowman

Today marks the start of National Doughnut Week and local baker Alex Plowman says it’s the perfect chance to have a sweet treat but without the guilt.

Because all this week, 10p from every doughnut sold at Plowman’s Food Company on Garrison Lane will be donated to the Children’s Trust, a national charity that provides specialist care and rehabilitation for children with multiple disabilities.

Alex says he’s baking up some special flavours especially for the event, including triple chocolate, raspberry and lemon.

And Alex says that while doughnuts might not be considered the healthiest of foods, knowing that a donation is going to a good cause should take away some of the guilt.

Over the last 20 years National Doughnut Week has raised over £735,000 for the charity and in 2012, their 21st year, they hope to raise at least £30,000 from the 600 bakeries across the country taking part.