Gallery Tresco Opens New Sea Garden Exhibition

Anna Parkes with the glass fish by artist Will Shakespeare

Gallery Tresco will be taking centre stage today for Art Scilly Week, with the opening of their new Sea Garden Show.

Gallery manager, Anna Parkes, says the exhibition marks the latest phase of Tresco Estate’s new Sea Garden holiday cottages on the site of the former Island Hotel.

The artwork has been inspired by the sea-themed names of the cottages such as Oyster, Nautilus and Abalone.

Paintings by artists including Rosemary Trestini and Alice Mumford, as well as ceramics by Paul Jackson and Adrian Brough will be on show. There will also be a chance to meet some of the artists this evening at a special reception.

Anna thinks the most popular pieces could be the range of colourful glass fish produced specially for the show by glassware artist Will Shakespeare.

The fish each have their own character, think ‘creature comforts’ in glass, with names such as pescus trescus wolf-whistleus and pescus trescus jedwardus, which looks remarkably like the famous Jedward twins.

Will is hoping to launch his glass art on the beach, surrounded by his glass fish!

Anna says the artists have interpreted the cottage names in very different ways. Some, like Robert Pittam have been very literal, and she says one of his paintings of a lobster is hanging in the new Ruin beach café on the island.

Others though, have just used the names to inspire them and Anna says the artwork is a lovely mix of pieces.

Anna says no Tresco artists feature, possibly because most people on the island work full time and are busy, but she’d be keen to hear from any locals who would like to exhibit in the gallery.

The exhibition opens this morning and will be running until the 1st July.