New Organiser Preparing For Tresco Triathlon

Pete Marshall

There’s a new organiser for this year’s Tresco Triathlon.

And Pete Marshall understands what taking part in the 3rd Cystic Fibrosis charity fundraiser entails.

He tackled the third-of-a-mile sea swim, 12 mile cycle ride and a 3 mile road run last year.

Islanders are already training for the challenge on June 17th.

Pete says the triathlon offers entrants a better challenge than the Tresco Marathon, which it replaced. He says the three shorter events within the triathlon are much more achievable for most people than a gruelling 26 mile run.

Pete says few people are good at all three disciplines and will usually struggle on one. Most often, says Pete, this is the swimming, which he thinks is funny considering we live on a group of islands!

Pete says the transitions between disciplines are often the hardest part because the difference in temperature between a swim and cycling, and using different muscle groups, can be really tough on the body.

The old marathon attracted some celebrities, such as Ben Shepherd, and Pete says he’s working hard to get some famous names involved this year.

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work being undertaken, including organising safety boats and course marshals as well as putting paperwork, such as insurance, in place.

There are around 10 mainland entrants out of the 34 registered so far and there’s only space for 50 people.

Pete says he hopes to bring in at least £5,000, which was last year’s total.

You can find out more and register at