School Leaving Times To Be Changed For Primary Pupils

The Five Islands School

The Head of the Five Islands School says doesn’t feel a change in school finishing time for primary pupils will be disruptive.

Some parents are concerned that moving their leaving time to 3.30pm from the current 3.15pm will lead to what one parent has suggested will be “chaos.”

Bryce Wilby says he can understand parents’ concerns but thinks the idea that there is a big problem at arrival and departure times is a “bit of a myth.”

He says all pupils arrive together at the moment and that doesn’t cause issues. And he says in the evenings, the majority of the secondary pupils don’t leave at 3.30pm anyway and even when they do, they tend to leave by different exits.

Bryce says the plan is to coordinate all school timetables

He says the change will create an equitable timetable for the primary pupils. At present their last lesson is shorter by 15 minutes, which makes it less “useable.”

Bryce says a majority of respondents to a consultation last year backed standardising the leaving time and he says there has been positive feedback too, with parents realising that older children will be able to collect their siblings.

The change to the school times will start in September.


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